District 2

Supervisor Robert MooreRobert Moore

P.O. Box 250
Greenwood MS 38935-0250

Phone: (662) 455-3904
Fax:  (662) 455-7965

Robert E. Moore served as President of the Leflore County Board of Supervisors, a Board that he has served on for over fifteen years. He was the former Director of the University Center for Economic Development at Mississippi Valley State University, where he recently retired from after 27 ½ years. This dual role has assisted him in the development of many unique and innovative regional initiatives for the Mississippi Delta. He has participated in the Lower Mississippi Delta Commission, the Empowerment Zone, and more recently, the Delta Individual Investment Corporation, Mississippi Blues Commission, and the Delta Regional Authority.

Mr. Moore has served as Director of the Mid-Delta One Stop Capital Shop, the National Center for Excellence, Director of Historical Black Colleges and Universities, Urban Development Home Ownership Rehabilitation Program, and Department Head of the Social Work Program.

Mr. Moore has received numerous awards and citations over the years for his hard work. He is to be noted for his leadership endeavors in the construction of the Leflore County Business Manufacturing Center, the Three Rivers Community Development Corporation, and the Mid-Delta Individual Investment Corporation, the Leflore County Micro Loan Program, and the Leflore County Home Ownership Program.

Mr. Moore is best known for his candor and tenacious leadership, standing up for the underprivileged in Leflore County.

In addition to being a strong advocate for economic development, he is also interested in quality of life issues that impact his district such as: Highway 7 Water and Sewer Project, the Browning Labor Day Celebration, and other heritage projects along with the county recreational parks. He is strongly committed to insuring his roadways are well maintained and litter free.

Mr. Moore's future endeavors for his district include an affordable housing project leading to fifty-five new homeowners. He also has a vision for a community owned business providing opportunities for its residents, and the future expansion of the Browning Well as a Community Heritage Project. He also sees Flowood as a Natural Model, a Heritage Park promoting art, culture, and Blues music.

Mr. Moore received his undergraduate degree from Jackson State University and his graduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

He has been a lifelong resident of the Browning Community located in the District he represents. He is the father of three children: Latanya Moore Wallace of Jackson MS, Reginald Moore of Greenwood, MS, and Robert Andre Moore, a student at Mississippi Valley State University.