Court Systems

Leflore County court houseChancery Court

Leflore County is included in subdistrict two of the 7th Chancery Court District of Mississippi.  The chancery court is a trial court that has jurisdiction over disputes regarding equity, domestic matters (including adoptions, custody disputes and divorces), guardianships, sanity hearings, wills, and challenges to the constitutionality of state laws. Land records are also filed in chancery court.

 County & Youth Court

The Leflore County Court is one of nineteen county courts and has exclusive jurisdiction over eminent domain proceedings and juvenile matters in the county. The county court judge also serves as the youth court judge.

Hon. Kevin A. Adams
P.O. Box 452
Greenwood MS 38935-0452

Phone: (662) 455-7945
Fax:  (662) 453-0869

Thelma Donley
County Court Administrator

Angela Turner-Kimbrough
Staff Attorney and JDAI Site Coordinator

4th Circuit Court District

Leflore County Courthouse
310 W. Market
Greenwood, MS 38930
Phone: 601-453+-1435
Fax: 601-455-1278

The Circuit Court has original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters not vested exclusively in another court. Most Circuit Court cases are heard by juries.

The following Judges preside over the Leflore County Circuit Court:

  • Hon. Carol White-Richard
  • Hon. Richard A. Smith
  • Hon. Margaret Carey-McCray
  • Hon. W. Ashley Hines

Justice Court

The purpose of the Justice Court is to serve the public by processing civil actions which do not exceed $2500.00 and misdemeanor criminal charges in accordance with section 9-11-11 of the Mississippi Code. The Justice Court also handles felony cases on a preliminary basis.

The distinction between civil and criminal cases is an important one. In a civil case, a trial or contested matter occurs between two or more persons, while in a criminal case the trial is between the State of Mississippi and a person accused of committing a crime. This is true even when a criminal case is begun by the victim of a crime filing an affidavit charging someone with criminal activity.

The Justice Court also has jurisdiction over all traffic citations issued in Leflore County by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the Leflore County Sheriff’s Department, the Public Service Commission, and Mississippi Valley State University Police. All Wildlife Citations and Affidavits within Leflore County are adjudicated in the Leflore County Justice Court.

The following Judges preside over the Leflore County Justice Court:

Hon. James E. Campbell
Northern District

Hon. James K. Littleton III
Central District

Hon. Carlos D. Palmer
Southern District

Leflore County Courthouse
306 W. Market
P.O. Box 8056
Greenwood, MS 38935

Phone: (662) 453-1605
Fax: (662) 455-8759

Justice Court Clerk
Larresia Hunt

P.O. Box 8056
Greenwood MS 38935

Phone:(662) 453-1605
Fax: (662) 455-8759

Office Hours
8:00a.m - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (Except on legal holidays)

Larresia Hunt has served as the Department Head for Justice Court since 2000. She previously served as a Deputy Clerk for the same Department in Greenwood for fourteen years.  She is a member of the Justice Court Clerks Association of Mississippi.

County Prosecuting Attorney

Richard A. Oakes

P.O. Drawer 1640
Greenwood MS 38935

Phone: (662) 453-7373